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"Pigeon Science Popovers" by Dr. Willard F. Hollander, 120 pagesNew Trying to Understand the Inheritance of colored-tailed White Pigeons    New
"Do_Tell_Doc", by Dr. Willard F. Hollander, 92 pages, NPA, 1965New
Charles O. Whitman article from Oct. 7, 1900 Chicago TribuneNew The Lemon mutation in Pigeons (Columba livia) shares same chromosome
 location as Dilute-White in Ring-necked Doves (Streptopelia “risoria”).  
Project on Genetics booklet by
Hollander, W.F., et al.
 Biosynthesis of Eumelanin and Pheomelanin  by Richard Cryberg 
Charles O. Whitman's Flock Wisconsin's Forgotten Ornithologist:
Oscar Riddle link>  NAP    Evidence Suggests Allelism of "Gazzi" & "Rec. White" In Pigeons
Fooling Around With Feathers Many Questions For You About Flock Pens and Individual Breeding Coops
Things About Pigeon Eggshells A Theory About Three-egg Clutches From Domestic Pigeons.
Synthetic Muffs In Pigeons Genetic interrelations of the gazzi, penciled & recessive white color types in the pigeon.
A 'Plug' For 'Penciled' "Wildtype", The Unimprovable standard Barred Rock Pigeon.
"Mirror Imaged" Multiple Flights A Brief History of the Pigeon Genetics News letter(s).
Wing-tumors in Pigeons. The Historical Link Between Pigeons and People
The "Egg Hatching" Process. Comparing Almond Pigeons to Broken Beer Bottles!?
"Wobbly" ... is it New In Pigeons?! "Continuous Production" May Extend Breeding Life of Pigeons!?
All Pigeon Eggs Ain't 'Egg-Shaped'! Should We "Improve" The Breed Or the Standard.
An Unusual Eye-blister Condition. Is "Bill Popping" A Defensive Behavior In Squabs?
Who Is The Man Called 'DOC'... Cross-filing Your Pigeon Record Book.
My "Porcupine" Pigeons. Are We Winning the War on Whorls?
Squeakers Feeding Squeakers. Toasted Soybeans - A Desirable Pigeon Food!
Why Must 'pot-eggs' be White? New Pigeon Pellets From Soybeans.
Squeaker broods sibling squabs. "Baby Doll" - Is this disease genetic, or viral?
Why the "Hallux"... Like That! Pigeon Leg-Bands Are Often Too Small.
Squab grows foot in navel. Looking At 'BABY PIGEONS' For Information!
Incest: Is It Natural? Can Pigeon Fanciers Identify The "ghost trait"?
You Answer ... I'll Ask Why? What Do We Know About The "Dirty" Coloration
What Is "Foggy" Vision? Chalky Plumage in Domestic Pigeons
Is Health Grit Necessary? Albino - What's in a Name?

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