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The Coops

Left: Mangile's Pigeon Loft about 1970; Right: Remodeled 2002.
The original loft (above left) was completed in August of 1968.  It was built mostly, with used material for $90.00.  It has a tongue and groove wooden floor on 2" x 6" floor base; and corrugated aluminum, over 3/4" plywood, on the roof.    The building and the flypen each measure  6' x 12' (combined, 12' x 12')  and are partitioned to make two - 6' x 12' units.  The building is separated by eight, double-nests (facing each section) and a door.  Wire mesh separates the flypen.   The flypen has  2" x 6" roosts and central floor board, to access the wire floored flypen.  Both the building and the flypen are eight inches above the ground.  Each section has a set of four (4) trap bobs with a small  door.  Two feet of the upper-front of the flypen roof is wire mesh.  This photo was taken during the winter of 1970 or 1971.  In 1975 the building was moved to our new residence and the flypen was rebuilt out of 3/4" diameter steel pipe.

During the Summer of 2002 the flypen (above right) was rebuilt for the second time since 1968.  It has a concrete floor poured over a plastic moisture barrier, framed with all 2-inch thick treated lumber, under a corrugated metal roof.  A side door to the flypen opens at the end of a concrete walk.  The bottom 2" x 4" boards are approximately 3/4" above the concrete for drainage and cleaning.  The 2" x 6" walking boards are 4" away from the one inch wire mesh and the center separation has been removed, making it one enclosue.   The loft has been covered with steel barn siding. (Photo by Tom Planchon.)

Mangile's Pigeon Breeding Coops

These are individual breeding coops.  Each unit contains 16 coops (32 total) approximately 30" square and 15" high.  Sliding doors allow access to the feed and water crock that service coops on  both sides.  The far unit was built about 1970, the near unit about 1980; both from scrap lumber and crate wood.  The open area between the units acts as an office.  Everything is under a single roof of corrugated steel over 3/4" plywood and is sided with steel siding. .  There are four lights in the overhang, and a concrete walk in front.  Everything is about 8" off the ground.


Dove Coops.This double dove coops was built and photographed in May 1987.  Attached to side of corrugated tin shed, four feet above ground, with spaced wood flooring and an entrance to a cage inside of the building.  A removable sliding steel plate allows use as a single or double coops.  Center separations is of plywood.  Heavy tree limbs were installed for roosts and nest boxes were installed in the upper rear, outside wall corners, with nest inspection doors (shown in upper left) on both sides.  Entry doors were completed on lower sides after photograph was taken.  Total size is approximately six feet long, three feet high and two feet wide; with a metal roof.

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