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Frosty Photos From Austria

The six (6) photos below were received from Andreas Leiss (the surname "LeiB" translated to English is spelled "Leiss") of Austria, in March 2001.  These photos show the "frosty" mutant expressed on/with wildtype, ash-red, checker, and dilution.   Apparently, these phenotypes are produced by a dominant, sex-linked gene, originally found in the Thuringian Self breed.  Thanks Andreas for the photos.  Hover pointer over photo to view Andrea's description of each photo.  To hold the description on the screen slightly and continuously move the pointer.

Andreas writes: "Homozygous frosty blue bar and blue checker cocks are silvery gray with grizzling effect in the tail and flights.  The wing shield pattern is more lightened as the background and give the birds a "ghost pattern".  Some of the cocks have a barless-like phenotype. They have no dark flecks like homozygous faded or qualmond cocks."

Blue checker homozygous frosty cock (heterozygous dilution).Blue bar homozygous frosty cock.
Above left: Homozygous frosty blue check cock heterozygous for dilution.
Above right:  Homozygous frosty blue bar cock.

Ash-red checker heterozygous frosty cock.Blue checker frosty hen.

Above left:  Heterozygous frosty ash-red check cock.
Above right:  Frosty blue check hen.

Silver [dilute] check frosty hen.Silver [dilute] bar homozygous cock.

Above left:  Silver [dilute] frosty check hen.
Above right:  Silver bar homozygous cock [assumed homozygous frosty and dilution].
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