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During the mid 1970's, a local pigeon club member encouraged me to put on a program to explain pigeon genetics to some of the interested members.  Hoping to oblige, I bought a drawing pad and sketched out 20 pages of information that I thought could be used to establish a foundation to a better understanding of pigeon genetics.  Then each of the 20 pages were photographed and developed into slides.  These slides were used as guidelines for the program.  The following web site pages is a modified version of that slide program.

The general format is similar to that of the NPA Genetics Booklet #1, by Dr. Willard F. Hollander and Ray Gilbert.   Some of the artwork has been taken from that booklet and colorized to suit the needs of this presentation.

The order in which the following web pages are presented is a sequence intended to gradually bring the reader to a general understanding of how genes from both parents are dispersed in gametes (sex cells) and recombined into new combinations in the offspring.  Without some understanding of meiosis (the production of gametes; or sex-cells) and how it differs from mitosis (normal growth cell reproduction) there remains some mystery as to how genes are passed on to the next generation.

It should be said that this is not a comprehensive work intended to cover all aspects on the subject of pigeon genetics.   Instead, it is intended to touch on the areas of pigeon genetics that seem to be most confusing to pigeons fanciers.  It is hoped that this little "crash course" might assist the reader in better understanding other, more comprehensive, works on pigeon genetics, or on genetics in general.  It does not offer answers to specific questions; but it might be of some value in establishing a better understanding of some terms or aspects on the subject.  There are several publications available on the subject of pigeon genetics that will better serve the pigeon fancier.  This assembly of web pages was fabricated simply for personal pleasure.  It is hoped that someone will find it of some use.

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