Mangile's Pigeon Pages


  1. Does a plant cell contain genes?
  2. Can you define what comprises a chromosome?
  3. Explain the difference between a body cell and a sex cell?
  4. What is the sex of a pigeon with one unpaired chromosome?
  5. Why are sex cells called half-cells?
  6. Explain the difference between a wildtype gene and a mutation?
  7. What is an allele?
  8. Explain a barred offspring from two checked parents?
  9. Explain why this genotype,  "b+//b+, belongs to a brown male pigeon?
  10. Describe "wildtype"?
  11. What determines if a gene is recessive?
  12. How do gene symbols reflect if they are dominant; recessive?
  13. Make a distinction between "genotype" and "phenotype"?
  14. Define "homozygous"; "heterozygous"; and "hemizygous"?
  15. A blue cock x ash-red hen will produce all ash-red sons.  Why?

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